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Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Save time in finding the right Pittsburgh Lawyer, we've already done the work for you! You should consult an Attorney soon after an accident to ensure that your legal interests are protected. If you sign any documents before consulting with a Lawyer, you may be signing away your rights to fair and just compensation. Motorcycle Accidents are one of the leading sources of Personal Injury claims in Pennsylvania. Legal representation is essential if you have been injured in an accident, and the sooner you obtain legal counsel, the better. That Attorney can protect your rights, and advise you as to the proper course of action. Dealing with an Insurance Company that does not have your best interests at heart can be a serious undertaking, hence the need for a quality Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Our featured Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is listed below.

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Sensible Tips for Motorcycle Accident Claims

Accidents on a motorcycle are one of the most fatal types of accidents occurring on the roads and highways in the United States. If you are a motorcycle rider, the odds are that you are likely to meet your demise 40 times more than car drivers or passengers would. Anyone, for that matter, has a greater tendency of being severely hurt or killed while riding on a motorcycle.

If you should know, last 2004 over 500 individuals were killed due to motorcycle accidents while more or less 6000 sustained severe injuries. Why are motorcycle riders more vulnerable than any other motor vehicle riders in the roads are?

1. They are usually more vulnerable because the motorcycle's built lack adequate protection for the rider against any kind of impact.

2. Motorcycles are built with only two wheels to ensure that it keeps on the road.

3. If a motorcycle accidentally crosses over a manhole or some slippery oil on the road, it would be more difficult to control the bike.

4. The injuries that the rider may sustain during the accident may be far worse and fatal than car accident injuries since aside from protection gears necessary to be worn there is no other shield to protect the rider from the impact of a crash or collision with another vehicle or the road surface.

What causes motorcycle accidents? According to a significant statistics, 80% of these kinds of accidents were brought about by the negligence of another individual.

Understandably, experiencing a motorcycle accident while you yourself were involved is very scary. If you have been one of the many victims of motorcycle accidents on the busy roads, and you believe that it was not your fault, then it is important to know the things you need to do in order to receive just recovery or compensation for the injuries and damages to property you have suffered.

You can file a motorcycle accident claim. Here are the things you need to remember regarding this legal action:

1. Request for qualified medical help and attention as soon as the incident happens.

- You must undergo treatment immediately for the injuries you sustained or have someone professionally knowledgeable to check out the damages to your physical bearings - Delay in pursuing medical attention may cause doubts and questions regarding your claim - The medical report on your injuries can be used as an important material once the amount for your compensation is being decided.

2. Any other documentation regarding the extent of your injuries and your expenses following the accident must be copied out and kept in a safe place.

3. Collate all the possible details of the other parties that have been involved with the accident. List down the names, addresses and phone numbers of the people who saw the incident happen. They can help you bring out a genuine reflection as to what really happened. Their testimony can help maximize your compensation amount.

You also need to take pictures and document them or keep files of any publications that published a news account and photos of the accident.

Make sure that you do not leave out any important documentation in your claim. If there would be any gap in your story or anything, which does not relate with the details, you have given in your claim. These loopholes may be taken advantage of by the defense for them not to be obliged in giving you just compensation.

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