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Injured in an Automobile Accident? Save time in finding the right Pittsburgh Lawyer, we've already done the work for you! You should consult an Attorney soon after an accident to ensure that your legal interests are protected. If you sign any documents before consulting with a Lawyer, you may be signing away your rights to fair and just compensation. Auto Accidents are the leading source of Personal Injury claims in Pennsylvania. Legal representation is essential if you have been injured in an accident, and the sooner you obtain legal counsel, the better. That Attorney can protect your rights, and advise you as to the proper course of action. Dealing with an Insurance Company that does not have your best interests at heart can be a serious undertaking, hence the need for a quality Auto Accident Attorney. Our featured Auto Accident Lawyer is listed below.

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Featured Vehicle Accident Article

With the increase of cars and other vehicles on our roads also comes the increase in the number of accidents that resulted to serious injuries and fatalities among the drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. It is also very unfortunate that many families have been left unaided and distraught due to the injury or even loss of their loved ones.

Like in any other types of accidents, these sad stories might have been avoided if only the drivers have followed the traffic rules and operated their cars responsibly. Majority of these fatal crashes occurred due to negligence - DUI driving, over speeding, driver incompetence and recklessness.

Across the U.S., approximately six million car crashes happen every year. Above three million individuals suffer from injuries; 2/3 of which are serious and permanent. A little less than 50,000 die in different occurrences – numbers that are enough to create a deep concern not only with the government but as well as the public especially the road users.

On the other hand, these car accidents have been the real cause of an enormous amount of cases that are filed in courts – personal injury claims and/or wrongful death claims. This is due to the victims and their families’ needs of financial support coming from the liable parties. To reimburse their hospital bills and other losses, the injured victims hired the services of car accident attorneys to be their trusty advocates that will help them obtain justice and just compensation.

In reality, legal counsel specializing in handling personal injury cases are capable not only in winning their cases but also in increasing the possible amount of damages that their clients may acquire from the defendants and their insurance companies. An expert car accident attorney can explain to the victims their rights and privileges under the prevailing laws.

More so, legal practitioners in general have the understanding of the associated laws and the skills in managing a lawsuit that other people do not have. These put them in the right position or job to defend the cause of their clients. Most injured victims even expressed their gratitude in the way their cases have been handled and subsequently resolved in time.

So if you or your family member has been involved in these disastrous experiences, better consult a credible attorney in your area and ask for his assistance before the time limit in filing a case runs out. The law certainly entitles you of such compensations but you need to act wisely and promptly or else you may lose the chance of getting what is due to you.

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